Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pastel: L.T.B. (Oh my)

Today's review is a little different, I only have one song for you today, This is L.T.B. (Oh My) by Pastel featuring Dark Blue. Which is his second single from his upcoming "Passion".
Pastel contacted me on Twitter with this lovely gem of a song thinking I might be interested. Sure enough even though this isn't my favorite genre, I fully enjoyed this song and have since checked some of his other songs on Sound Cloud and am looking forward to the release of "Passion".  In L.T.B. Pastel mixes beats that remind me of old school rave anthems with a hip hop style that has a little bit of Lil' Wayne's flow. Pastel's style is however, completely his own, and really refreshing. I find most music of this genre to be lacking in lyrical depth and often nonsensical, as if the artist is more concerned with the cadence, rhythm and rhyme than with what they are actually saying, Pastel's lyrics tell a story and he doesn't sacrifice coherence for rhymes. I could see this song easily becoming a club favorite, and one that pulls people to the dance floor.
Pastel can be found at Twitter, youtube, and his website I am Pastel. Check out his music, give him a follow and keep an ear out for when "Passion" drops.